Modelling scouts

A model scout is someone who is in charge of discovering and recruiting aspiring, potential models. A Model scout can either specialize in a particular field, or they might spread their skills between different fields, such as sports, entertainment and modelling. 

What Modelling scouts look for


As an aspiring model, it is important to know what type of modelling best suits you here is a list of all the different types of modelling which should help you understand what modelling scouts are typically looking for in models.
  • Fashion modelling                           Model scouts

What models scouts look for in Fashion modelling includes catwalk and editorial. Fashion models are expected to be over 5″8 and must be a size 8 or lower. Men need to be over 6″ 1. Fashion modelling can be incredibly lucrative but also includes long days, massive competition and gruelling hours.


  • Commercial Modelling

Model scouts

Commercial modelling is softer, the restrictions are less tight and the shoots are for adverts or promotional reasons. This is for the ‘girl next door’ look. This is what typically model scouts would look for in commercial modelling


  • Plus Size Modelling

Plus size modelling

Plus size modelling can include all of the above but sizes start at a UK size 12-14. This is also a very competitive industry and fitness 1s very important in this type of modelling.
  • Glamour Modelling

Glamour modelling

Glamour modelling and topless is intended to look ‘sexy’ many fashion shoots will include a little bit of nipple but it is not at all objectified.

Swimwear and fitness modelling

Fitness Model Britt 2007

Swimwear modelling requires a great, well-maintained body that maintains feminine curves or manly muscles!

Top Modelling Tips



Research models and photographers on model networking and portfolio sites. If you find an image that you love then save it and think about how you could recreate it. Look at photographers you would love to work with and contact their team with your portfolio! If you see a pose you love then try it out at home or on a shoot.


At home, you should regularly use your mirror to work on a new pose. See where your eyes look best, look at poses you have researched, adjust ideas and practice the best looks for your body. Try poses that are very different from what you have done before – you never know what you will be asked to do!


3. Move consistently in front of the camera

Move fluidly from one pose to the other trying to keep your eyes on the camera. While the lens is clicking move from pose to pose quickly unless you are told to stop. Staying fluid means that the looks will not be stale. If you have a prop to play with do everything you can imagine with it (within reason!). If your dress is wide and flowing remember to toss the skirt about to create extra movement in the photo.


4. Be polite and professional

In your role as a model (in many languages a ‘mannequin’), you need to be polite and friendly without distracting from the job at hand. Although it is important to network, a chatterbox will often become annoying during an important shoot. You will not often be asked your opinion by a creative team so do not try and add your direction to a shoot – your practised poses will be enough!!

5. Bring the essentials

Most photography teams will provide you with food and stylists should bring clothes and extras but always be prepared! Nude and black underwear, face wipes, a snack, moisturiser, spare shoes and above all a bottle of water!

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