"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
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Becky Anderson
Aspiring Model/influencer

How Does Empire models Help Aspiring influencers

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We can give you insider knowledge about the industry and help guide you in the right direction

We can provide a professional photoshoot where you can practice your posing. You will receive professional hair and make-up styling like that of a real shoot. You will also meet with one of our stylists and photographers, who will guide you through the whole process.

We give you the opportunity to purchase your very own professional modelling portfolio that you can take with you to auditions and casting calls our portfolios are perfect for both models and influencers 

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Our amazing new set



Ages 3+ all sizes and height female male teen influencers
  • Online Assessment
  • Fashion Test Shoot
  • Assessment Day
  • Portfolio Building Photoshoot

One to One Advice


1st Step Send Photo

Send a clear recent photo of yourself

no Filters.


2nd Step Selection Process

Your photo will now go through our selection process if you are successful you will either receive a text or phone call from a booking agent 


Your First Steps Towards Becoming A influencer

Getting started

Justlike the modelling word aspiring influencers need to find the correct niche and create engaging content to get the most reactions and interactions from their tagert audience

Your Portfolios

We can help you Create your professional portfolio or efolio – this is an every day model essential marketing tool.in the world of modelling and is perfect for the influencing world aswell

Model Assessment

With our professional team behind you find out if you have the confidence and natural ability in front of the camera to become a influencer

On going Support

Keep in contact with our support team so they can advise you on contracts, commissions, licenses and staying safe online until you are signed or freelancing.

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