Is modelling meant for you?

The first thing you want to do is discover whether or not  you have what it takes to Become a model and then begin approaching suitable agencies with your portfolio stand out from the rest and to show you have the correct credentials.

The best way to Become a model and apply to modelling agencies is with an up-to-date modelling portfolio there is no better way to prove your potential. There is no laid-back way of becoming a fashion or commercial model, as very limited amount of applicants will meet the requirements of potential modelling agents or scouts, however, there are many valuable tips and tried and tested methods that Empire Models can offer assistance on.

To Become a  model is not only based on having the right look, there are many more essential tools and attributes needed if you truly want to thrive in this industry.

 we accept ages 3-35 Female, Male, TEEN, CHILD AND PLUS-SIZE

As a Model platform, we work with a number of agencies and casting services that specialize in Fashion Modelling, Commercial Modelling, Teen modelling, Plusize And Child Modelling

Our service helps you build an industry standard portfolio and help you stand out from the rest apply today for a model consultation and become a model


Find out how our other models got on.. 

Lauren 19

“I was very impressed with Empire models uk for giving me the confidence help start my career as a model. My test shoot in London went really well and I was soon introduced to a number of agencies.”

Melissa 29

“Hi, I came in last week for a portfolio shoot and assessment day in London. After trying to be a model for a few years, Empire Models took me the last few steps and I am now a working model.”

Sussan 23

“Please thank everyone at Empire Models uk and Unique Studios for their great support in helping me with my modelling career. I had a brilliant experience and it was very enjoyable, I would recommend both companies to anyone looking at the industry.”

Claire 10

“My Daughter has always dreamed of becoming a model, however, we have no prior experience of the modelling industry and therefore had no idea how to go about it. Empire Models have been fantastic.” 


Why choose us

1 Getting started

We help Establish that modelling is for you, what type of modelling you best suite & which agencies  or model job board best accomodate your look

3 Model Portfolios

We can help you Create your professional portfolio or efolio  – this is an every day  model essential marketing tool.

2 Model Assesmements

With our proffession team behind you find out if you have the confidence and natural ability in front of the camera.

On going Support

Keep in contact with our support team so they can advise you on contracts, commissions, licenses and staying safe online until you are signed or freelancing.

Contact us

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