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Find out how our other models got on.. 

Lauren 19

“I was very impressed with Empire models for giving me the confidence help start my career as a model. My test shoot in London went really well and I was soon introduced to a number of agencies.”

Melissa 29

“Hi, I came in last week for a portfolio shoot and assessment day in London. After trying to be a model for a few years, Empire Models took me the last few steps and I am now a working model.”

Sussan 23

“Please thank everyone at Empire Models and Unique Studios for their great support in helping me with my modelling career. I had a brilliant experience and it was very enjoyable, I would recommend both companies to anyone looking at the industry.”

Claire 10

“My Daughter has always dreamed of becoming a model, however, we have no prior experience of the modelling industry and therefore had no idea how to go about it. Empire Models have been fantastic.” 

About Empire Models

Elite Model Support service 


The Empire Model Platform team is able to give you genuine, honest advice on whether you are suitable to be a model and if you are we will give you an in-depth analysis on the area of modelling that you are best suited too. In order to maximize your potential success as a model,Empire-Models UK will then be able to provide you with the best tools in order to market yourself effectively as a model. Empire models Platform Is able to assist you every step of the way on every stage of your career, we can and will provide you with free on going advice on how to market yourself, style tips, contract reviews, how to prepare for interviews with agencies and castings and most importantly, we are able to help you put together a remarkable portfolio. We’re here to push you further into success.

  • Female Success Rate 85% 85%
  • Male Success Rate 65% 65%
  • Teen Success Rate 75% 75%
  • Child Success Rate 68% 68%

Modelling scouts

                                   Model Scouts A model scout is someone who is in charge of discovering and recruiting aspiring, potential models. A Model scout can either specialize in a particular field, or they might spread their skills between different fields,...

modelling basics

MODELLING BASICS The most important thing to remember is that modelling is a skill to be improved on. Having a great portfolio is a must when taking your first steps into a modelling career but working on your skills and having a lot of determination will push you...

child modelling

Child modelling Child modelling the questions you need to ask your self  Child modelling can be hard work, but it can also be a wonderful experience for your child and a great opportunity for the two of you to spend time together. It can also introduce them to a new...

becoming a model

BECOMING A MODEL To become a model you must have the right approach and attitude to the entire industry. Here are some personality and attitude tips for new models.Here are some tips and advice on becoming a model   • Enjoy being in front of the camera and an...

Reputable modelling agencies

REPUTABLE MODELLING AGENCIES Here is a list of the most reputable modelling agencies in London this list includes all types of modelling for grown-ups and children Empire models UK is a support service Therefore we can help you get started in the modelling world apply...

Model Types


Why choose us


1 Getting started

We help Establish that modelling is for you, what type of modelling you best suite & which agencies  or model job board best accomodate your look

3 Model Portfolios

We can help you Create your professional portfolio or efolio  – this is an every day  model essential marketing tool.

2 Model Assesmements

With our proffession team behind you find out if you have the confidence and natural ability in front of the camera.

On going Support

Keep in contact with our support team so they can advise you on contracts, commissions, licenses and staying safe online until you are signed or freelancing.


Female models top the modelling industry; women have greater chance of success & also the highest competition. Empire models can help you stand out from the rest get in touch today for some advice on how to get started

Male modellig

Every male model beginning in the modelling world needs to identify what area that best suits them. Male modelling has gotten a spike in large demand across all categories (commercials, promotional work are just two of many) so there’s never been a better time to find your way in this industry and Empire Models is here to help you archive just that.

Get signed to a model agency  

Want to get signed to the right modelling agency?

We recognize that it can be actually overwhelming and mystifying to identify where and how to get started in the modelling industry, however don’t fear we are here to help. We are the leading model support service in the UK. We have been directing aspiring models for over 10 years and remain doing so for those we believe possess true model potential until they are signed to a modelling agency or confidently freelancing.

Become a Fashion Model

If your aged between 3-33 and female and living in the uk  now is the best time to be a fashion models apply now for a model assessment with our fashion team

Our Industry Standard Portfolio Service


  • Free Model Assessment
  • +15 Retouched images
  • +Model Webfolio
  • +1 Year aftercare&Model Management 
  • +1 live model job board and casting service


  • Free Model Assessment
  • +All images
  • +All Retouched images
  • +Model Z Card
  • +Model Webfolio 5 year hosting
  • +1 Year aftercare & Model Management 
  • +3 live model job board and casting service 

Frequently Asked Questions

Empire Models Is a Model Plartfom we help aspring models get started in 

The model industry has undergone an overhaul in the last five years: no longer do you have to be a size zero to be successful. Nowadays, many of the world’s top designers have banned size zero models from appearing in catwalk shows. It is important to be realistic and approach the correct agencies with the right style of portfolio

No Agency will guarantee work. While they can represent you and market you it is ultimately the creative decision makers who organise the shoots to choose which model they want to work with, and they do that by looking at your portfolio. 


Do I need a portfolio?
Yes, a portfolio is the key to your success. It is your CV. Modeling portfolios show ability and versatility, and will show your full potential as a model to all clients. Your clients will hire you depending on your modeling portfolio, therefore the better your portfolio the higher chance of getting signed with an agency and finding work.
Do I need professional images to approach agencies?
You will always need professional images to market yourself as a model, however there are some companies and agencies that will request natural images as well as professional images before making a decision. 
How long would it take for me to get jobs?
This again depends on what the clients are looking for. There are many stories where models start picking up jobs from the moment they sign up till 3 months after they sign up. This can also depend on new trends, new fashions, and new companies.
Would modelling affect my studies?
Agencies will represent you and find work; it is up to you to decide which castings and shoots you would like to attend. Do not be afraid to say no. If you are in full time education your agency will be aware and would only call you at the weekends and holidays so your studies are not interrupted.


17 Blossom St, 

London E1 6PL

Tel: 0203 6378 305

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